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Ace1 Simulations

Driving Systems

Our simulations present themselves as a breakthrough in the simulator frame market. Their innovative design offers several advantages compared to the models currently available to the consumer, to please the avid gamer but also to satisfy the professional driver’s needs.

Innovative Concept

ACE1 Simulations DRIVING SYSTEMS are created for the dynamic life.

Their design keeps in mind the needs of the professional racing team, such as light weight construction, ease of transport and assembly, and ergonomic adjustability. Our systems bring all of these features to the professional e- sportive or avid gamer for a real life driving experience.

Tested and approved by professional race car drivers, ACE1 Simulations DRIVING SYSTEMS offer the most realistic experience and can be used for training purposes of real life race car drivers and teams. Having the ability to be fully to disassembled and ergonomically adjusted to every driver, racing teams can easily transport them to train on location.


The frame layout is obtained by careful calculations. Its stable and solid triangular shape allows to obtain optimal rigidity and an open design which allows pedal monitoring as required by professional driving instructors. The substantial reduction of masses, futuristic design and attractive lines, united to the endless customization possibilities, creates the perfect complement to any gaming room or racing paddocks.


The choice between brand new racing seats or a real decommissioned fully refurbished carbon fiber racing seat with previous racing history creates endless choices and allows the avid gamer to feel like a real professional race car driver, as well as permitting the professional race car driver to add his own seat for maximum realism of the training experience.

Steering Wheel

The system’s steering wheel complies with racing regulatory constraints to give the driver the same viewpoint he would have in a real race car. It utilizes a Direct Drive Force Feedback System (Wheel connects directly to motor shaft, there are no belts to slip, wear or absorb critical detail).

Gaming PC

We are excited to utilize the DIGITAL STORM AURA, a powerful 34” curved all-in-one gaming PC. It replaces the traditional bulky tower for an elegant form factor that saves valuable space and eliminates clutter. Components can be replaced or upgraded for a system that users will enjoy for years.


Nothing will make you faster than a good set of FANATEC pedals. Equipped with adjustable brake stiffness and travel, vibration motor on throttle and brake pedal to simulate wheel spin and locking tires, they are the next best thing to driving your own race car.


The possibility to have a single curved screen as well as a combination of three screens with custom built gaming PC pleases every possible user and makes the experience even more realistic. Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality are available upon request.


Multiple frame color options, seat choice and sponsor plates to please everyone’s aesthetics

All in one gaming level PC Digital Storm Aura with 34” curved screen for bulk reduction and optimal performance

Optimal frame rigidity and position to ensure realistic racing posture and view

FANATEC pedals with adjustable brake stiffness and travel, vibration motor on throttle and brake pedals to simulate wheel spin and locking tires

Endless component adjustments and configurations to adapt to every user’s racing styles and ergonomics

Virtual Reality brings the experience as close as possible to the experience of driving a real performance machine

Open view design offers full pedal view and control as requested by professional driving instructors

Uses the major simulation software options on the market


  • Frame structure and design: stability, easy transport
  • Choice of materials: 1 inch carbon fiber tubing with anodized aluminum mounting points
  • Design and functionality of steering wheel support plate: proprietary design, allows ergonomic adjustment
  • Design and functionality of pedals support plate: proprietary design, allows ergonomic adjustment
  • Keyboard support plate design and material
  • Customizable sponsor plates